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January 2018
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Sunday Feb 24th, 2008

Welp, Linda made it back safely from her trip to Guatemala last Saturday the 17th.  She said it was a great trip and I’ll get her to provide some comments later.  She made it fine on the trip but after getting home she got pretty sick with upset stomach and everything that goes with it.  Today is the first day she’s really had any energy since returning home.

Today it finally warmed up above freezing with the sun out and a light wind.  It’d been a couple weeks since I had the weather and time align to get out and fly.  I headed no where in particular but ended up over Tipton, IA and then decided to try to find Greencastle Aeroclub  I’ve heard people discuss the Aeroclub but never have taken the opportunity to go find the airstrip.  I knew in general that the airstrip was between Iowa City and Cedar Rapids.  I heard a couple planes self announcing on the radio so kept my head on a swivel and headed west.  Found the strip but a couple planes were doing pattern work and another was announcing their intent to land so I just flew over and headed back to Muscatine (KMUT).  I finished off the afternoon with 3-4 touch and goes (land and take off) to practice landing and called it the afternoon.  Flew about an hour this afternoon.

 Here’s a couple pictures I took while out buzzing around. It’s still pretty white out in the country even though it’s been a few days since the last big snow.  Been a cold, snowy and icy winter around here this year.  We’re all ready for Spring (actually, I’ll just skip Spring and go to Summer).